Saturday, March 21, 2009

Undo Gmail Mistakes in 5 Seconds using Google Lab

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There are probably a bunch of things in your life that you wish you could undo, but cannot. Thankfully, technology allows you to do that, to some extent.

The next time you realize you will invite a devil's wrath after sending an email from Gmail to someone you shouldn't have, you'll have an option to undo this action. But you have to hurry up; you'll have only 5 seconds!

This feature, called "Undo Send," is yet another experimental feature that comes from Gmail Labs. After enabling the feature, Gmail shows an "undo" link whenever you send a message.

Now, when you undo the sending of a mail, Gmail saves it as a draft and you can continue editing the message or discard it.

How to Activate:

1. Go to Gmail Labs
2. Look for "Undo Send"
3. Choose Enable

Also, if keyboard shortcuts are enabled in your Gmail account, a better option than clicking on "undo" is to press "z."

It is debatable whether 5 seconds is enough for you to realize whether the message you sent was a mistake.

"Goggles" is another Gmail Labs feature that helps you to not send messages when you're sleep-befuddled (at night). It does so by making you solve math problems before your message can be sent.


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