Thursday, March 12, 2009

iPod Shuffle unveiled

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Apple have unveiled their new iPod Shuffle.

A new feature means that the MP3 player can talk to the user in 14 languages, telling them the artist and title of the song they are listening to.

The revamped iPod Shuffle, which measures around 46mm by 8mm, is the smallest ever made, and weighs only 10.7 grams.

Controls are mounted on the headphone lead for the first time, rather than on the body of the player.

The third generation iPod Shuffle, which comes in only silver or black, can store 4GB of music or 1,000 songs.

It talks to you because there's no screen. It could be the beginning of an Apple virtual DJ.

The player, the entry level in Apple's range, was originally launched in January 2005.

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